Rogers Centre - European Friendly Soccer

Greenhorizons Sod Farms supplied, installed and maintain a temporary soccer pitch that met FIFA regulations

Key Details

Project Owner
Rogers Centre
Project Location
Toronto, Ontario

World Class Installation

Greenhorizons Sod Farms was contracted to supply, install and maintain a temporary soccer pitch that met FIFA regulations overtop of the concrete floor at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Harvesting of the sod started 12 hours before the first load arrived on site, and continued for over 21 hours until the last roll was installed. It took over 20 truckloads of thick cut GHG Ultimate Sports Turf™ and a staff of over 40 to perform the installation within the allotted time. Upon completion of the sod installation, nutrition, water management, grooming and mowing was performed by Greenhorizons for the elite, world class soccer teams to play.




The Downtown Toronto location, the controlled access into the Rogers Centre and the twelve hour installation timeline created logistic challenges which the staff at Greenhorizons had no problem overcoming.

The European teams and coaches commented that the temporary pitch was one of the best they had ever seen. Rogers Center appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of Greenhorizons Staff and were exceptionally happy that Greenhorizons was able to meet the performance requirements of the players as well as the logistics and timing requirements of the venue.

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