President Choice Baseball Field

Greenhorizons' GHG Soilless Ultimate Sports Turf System™ was selected for the Pan AM Games at the President's Choice baseball field

Key Details

Project Owner
The Town of Ajax
Project Location
Audley Road Community and Sports Centre, Ajax, ON

Planning & Development for the Pan AM Games

Greenhorizons Sod Farms was consulted during the planning stages of the Pan Am Games to help develop a design concept to build two world class high performing natural turf baseball fields that would perform at optimal levels during all weather conditions for the TO2015 Pan Am Games. An engineered sand growing medium was chosen for its agronomic benefits and for its ability to handle heavy traffic without compaction. Greenhorizons’ GHG Soilless Ultimate Sports Turf System™ was selected for the baseball fields, as was the use of ProXstablishment™, Greenhorizons’ Professional Turf Management System, to get the new natural turf surface off to a good start.




Poor weather delayed the construction process 10 months which meant the sodding and the establishment of the sod in the field needed to be completed during the hottest summer months of July and August.

The fields have been in place and growing since the summer of 2014. The baseball natural turf fields saw world class action in 2015 with the Pan Am & Para Pan Am Games and received rave reviews from players and coaches.

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