CIBC Athletics Stadium - 2015 Pan Am Games

Greenhorizons Sod Farms was commissioned to build the soccer field for the 2015 Pan Am Games hosted at York University in Toronto.

Key Details

Project Owner
York University
Project Location
Ian McDonald Blvd, York University

Building a Legacy Field

A new stadium was being built for the TO2015 Pan Am Games, to host all Track & Field events including shot put, javelin, discus and hammer throw - all which can be hard on turf. The goal was to build a legacy field which would benefit the athletic program at York University after the Pan Am Games were over. It was determined the field would need to be ready to perform at an optimum level regardless of weather. It was decided a drainage rate of between 8 and 12 inches per hour was desired to handle Southern Ontario’s potential for heavy rain, so an engineered growing medium was specified. Greenhorizons GHG Ultimate Sports Turf System™ was selected for the field to ensure no impediment to the draining ability of the engineered sand growing medium. Greenhorizons performed its ProXstablishment Professional Turf Management Program, post installation, as well as maintained the field throughout the Pan Am Games.




The Pan Am Games had an opening ceremony that would require the turf field to be covered by a large plastic floor for two days.  Our challenge after the opening ceremonies were complete, was to remove the floor and make sure the natural sports turf was still in world class condition for the events to start the next morning. 

Athletes and staff comments where second to none on the performance and overall durability of Greenhorizons’ GHG Natural Sports Turf System™. Getting the field competition ready  after the opening ceremonies was a challenge that our staff at Greenhorizons Sod Farms had no problem rising to. 

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