Why Lay Natural Sod?

For many of us there is something beautiful—and comforting—about a natural thick green lawn. The smell of freshly mowed grass, lying in the grass under a shade tree on a hot summer day, sitting bundled up on the lawn on a cool, crisp evening; all of these bring pleasure into our lives. Aside from providing an instant green, lush, beautiful lawn you can sink your bare toes into, there are a number of reasons to lay sod. Some compelling reasons to consider laying natural sod include the following:

  • Green, grassy lawns from sod trap a whopping 12 million tons of dirt and dust each year; 
  • Lawns comprised of sod absorb carbon dioxide; 
  • Sod offers a clean, soft play area for children; 
  • Sod increases the value of your home; 
  • A natural sod lawn significantly reduces air temperature around your home—as much as 10-20 degrees; 
  • A natural sod lawn will protect the underlying soil from erosion—8-15 times better than man-made materials and 10 times better than straw; 
  • Sounds are reduced by as much as 50 percent when you lay a sod lawn; 
  • A sod lawn absorbs rainfall and reduces storm water runoff; 
  • A thick green lawn is soothing and welcoming; 
  • A natural sod lawn offers a pleasant place to enjoy recreation with friends, to curl up and read a book, or to spend time with your family, and 
  • A sod lawn creates compostable materials in the form of grass clippings.  

Some evidence suggests lawns were present more than 5,000 years ago in China. History tells us that the Aztecs and Mayans also had some type of lawn. Of course, you can always plant grass seeds, water and wait, water and wait…and you will likely be looking at a big patch of brown dirt for weeks. But for those who crave instant gratification, nothing beats sod.

Sod can be installed from spring through fall, and in mild climates, even in the winter. When sod is placed on properly prepared soil, with a well-aerated, slightly acidic base, it is almost guaranteed to thrive. Most people will spend one weekend preparing their soil, and a second laying the sod. Think of it—two weekends and you will be reveling in your beautiful sod lawn!

If your lawn is less than ideal – we can help. You can order sod directly for delivery from us online or visit one of our convenient locations in Southern Ontario. we are ready to serve you and help you own the lawn of your dreams. Contact Greenhorizons Sod Farm for more details.