Top Dressing Your Lawn

Water, fresh air and nutritional food are important for your overall health, and it’s no different for plants. If you want to have a lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood next spring, it’s important to make sure your grass is getting what it needs in the fall.

One thing you can do to help your lawn be as healthy as possible is top-dress your lawn. This is where you add a thin layer of a blended soil mixture to your lawn. The sandy texture of BigYellowBag's high grade TOP DRESS mix is designed to improve water, air and nutrient movement into the soil (infiltration) and within your lawns root-zone (percolation). The organic component of the soil carries micro-organisms which produce and carry key nutrients into the soil.

Top dressing aids in creating natural organic food for your lawn through microbial activity. By raking or sweeping the Top Dress mix into the thatch layer, it speeds up the process of allowing micro-organisms and worms to feed on that rich thatch layer then carry key nutrients like nitrogen, phosphate and potash back into the soil, for a healthy lawn.

Optional over-seeding may also be combined to thicken up the bare areas.

Top dressing is best done in the fall, when your grass has time to grow through three or four mowings before the frost. For the best results, work in sections. Put a few shovelfuls of Professional Top Dress Mix onto your lawn in rows and spread it out with something flat, like the back of a garden rake or a broom. It should be about half an inch or less over the existing grass, no more than an inch. Work the Professional Top Dress Mix in until you can see the grass poke through. You can use the tine side of the rake, if that helps.

It’s a good idea to water your lawn when you’re done applying the Professional Top Dress Mix, to help everything settle. After it’s had a day or two, go back out with your rake and smooth out any hollows or bumps.

Finally, make sure that on the last two mowings of the season, you have your lawnmower blades set to the lowest setting. This allows more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass and there will be less of the grass’ blade to turn brown in the winter.

For a Step by Step Guide to Top Dressing Your Lawn click here


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