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Oakville and Mississauga Ontario 

The Oakville/Mississauga area of Ontario has a rich agricultural heritage. The area was home to a vibrant and prosperous farming industry that still exists in some areas. The terrain and climate in Oakville/ Mississauga support livestock operations, horse farms, fruit and vegetable growers, nurseries, and more.

Farmland In and Around Oakville/Mississauga

Several family-owned farms exist in the area. Many of them allow families to pick their own fruits and berries during the summer, offering a variety of other attractions, including lunch, children’s activities and fresh-cut flowers to purchase and take home.

Andrews’ Scenic Acres is just one such farm. Nestled in the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in Halton Hills, the Andrews family grows hay, corn, grapes, pumpkins, apples, and a variety of berries among other things. They offer their commodities for sale at local farmer’s markets and provide educational opportunities for school children of all ages.

Also in Halton Hills, Chudleigh’s has been harvesting orchard-fresh fruit for over three generations. Their services include pick-your-own, a retail store and pie shop, picnic facilities, and accommodations for parties, corporate events, and school tours.

Just north of Brampton is Downey’s Farm Market. At various time of the year, the farm produces corn, apples, miscellaneous vegetables, pumpkins, gourds, and Christmas trees. They also feature a family play area, winery and, pick-your-own. Downey’s features seasonal festivities and can accommodate birthday parties and corporate gatherings.

Protected Lands Around Oakville/Mississauga

In 2014, the Mississauga City Council approved a measure to include the Credit River and Etobicoke Creek ravines in the more than 1.8 million acres that is already know as Ontario’s Greenbelt.

Recently, the Ontario government announced its intentions to preserve nearly 1,300 acres of provincially-owned land near Bronte Creek Provincial Park in the Oakville and Burlington area. Within Halton, 52% of land areas are safeguarded against urban development, and more than 10,000 acres of forested or conservation areas are in public ownership.

Owned and operated by Conservation Halton, Crawford Lake Conservation Area boasts 12 miles of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing trails, in addition to Lake Crawford. Lake Crawford is environmentally significant because a 1971 study determined the lake is meromictic, meaning its waters are seldom disturbed by wind or changes in temperature. This makes Lake Crawford a prime area for geochemical and archeological studies.

The scenic Bruce Trail follows the edge of the Niagara Escarpment for nearly 560 miles. Owned by a combination of government agencies, conservation groups, and private landowners, the trail is home to a wide array of plant and wildlife, rivers and waterfalls. It passes through the Lake Crawford Conservation Area.

Also protected by Conservation Halton is the Kelso Conservation Area. More than 978 acres can be enjoyed year round. The area hosts nearly 14 miles of marked trails, spaces for camping, kayaking, ski slopes and beaches.

Meadowvale Conservation Area, chiefly managed by the City of Mississauga, is a one-of-a-kind natural, cultural, and recreational resource. The Credit River meanders through the property and helps a wide array of flora and fauna thrive within the refuge. The Glassford trail provides visitors with a way to fully enjoy all the area has to offer.


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