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Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge is a city located in Southern Ontario where the Grand and Speed Rivers converge in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo is comprised of Cambridge, as well as the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo. The Region of Waterloo, more commonly referred to as Waterloo Region also encompasses the townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich. The region is 1,369 square kilometers, and Kitchener is the regional seat of government.

The area was inhabited by the Iroquoian speaking Attawandaron nation during the 16th and 17th centuries. Although some experts disagree, it is generally accepted that the tribes of the Six Nations drove the smaller Attawandaron tribes out around 1680-85.

In 1784, to compensate them for their loss of land in New York, the British government granted the Grand River Valley to the Iroquois who had supported the Loyalists during the American Revolution. The Iroquois settled the lower portion of the valley and sold the remaining land which changed hands several times over the centuries.

Until the early 20th century, Waterloo Region remained primarily German-speaking and, to this day, the area’s strong German heritage is reflected in a substantial Lutheran community and annual festivals- namely Oktoberfest.

Farmland In and Around Cambridge, Ontario

Waterloo Region has the most productive and prosperous combination of farmers and farmland in all of Ontario and quite possibly in Canada.

The region is known far and wide for its traditional old-order farms and their traditional lifestyle. The unique area is noted for its farmers’ markets, rolling countryside, Noah Martin summer sausage, cooked cheese, apple butter, and maple syrup.

Of particular note, located in North Dumfries Township is Oakridge Acres, situated on 175 acres of picturesque farmland. The farm offers grass fed Black Angus beef and bison along with meats, produce, cheese, eggs, and fruit from 40 other family-owned local farms.

Protected Lands Around Cambridge

The city of Cambridge boasts numerous public parks filled with green spaces for sporting events, venues for concerts and festivals, picnic tables, and playgrounds for the little ones.

Churchill, Forbes, Mill Race, and Soper Parks are all located inside the city of Cambridge. Located in the Preston community just outside of Cambridge, Riverside Park boasts over 250 acres devoted to fun and recreation, including athletic fields and community trails.

The area is also home to miles of predominantly rural walking and hiking trails that feature ponds, rivers, meadows, forests, and rock formations.

Dubbed Cambridge’s best-kept secret, Shade’s Mill Conservation area features facilities for swimming, canoeing, and sport fishing, as well as 12 kilometers of hiking trails through a natural hardwood forest.

The rare Charitable Research Reserve in Cambridge, strives to preserve and restore the natural environment. The 900+ acre reserve is the largest in the region. The reserve is home to centuries-old trees, and a breath-taking array of flora and fauna.

Greenhorizons Sod Farms has been farming in the Cambridge, Kitchener - Waterloo region for many years. Ron and Steve Schiedel, whom currently own Greenhorizons Sod Farms , have farming in their blood. The company's roots go back to their grandfather Ivan. Ivan was an incredibly innovative man who owned the first tractor and combine in the area.


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