A History of Service

Greenhorizons Group of Farms has evolved from over 200 years of farming by the Schiedel family in Ontario. 

The ancestors of Greenhorizons’ founder Richard Schiedel purchased large tracts of land along the banks of the Speed and Grand Rivers more than two centuries ago where they successfully farmed in both dairy and grain crops into the 1980's. In 1975 the Schiedels began transitioning to Kentucky bluegrass sod production in Cambridge. That farm was named Compact Sod, the first production facility of what has now become The Greenhorizons Group of Farms.

Today, along with Compact Sod, Greenhorizons has expanded to include Hamilton Sod in Mount Hope, Niagara Sod in St.Catharines, Halton Sod in Milton, and Ontario Sod in Oakville. Richard's two sons, Ron and Steve, oversee Greenhorizons operations as president and vice-president, respectively. Ron oversees Compact Sod in Cambridge and Steve heads up Hamilton Sod & Willow Valley Golf Course.

"Making customers happy" is an approach that has served the Schiedel family well. In fact, meeting and exceeding customer expectations is all in a day's work for the hundreds of employees of Greenhorizons Group of Farms. As Rob Witherspoon, executive director of Guelph Turfgrass Institute said: "Steve and Ron Schiedel of Greenhorizons are enthusiastic and innovative. I believe the key to their success is in their ability to strike that fine balance...to remain acutely aware of what has worked in the past and use that as a springboard to foresee change and embrace advancements. They have always been on the cusp and never willing to stand pat. The Schiedels simply have not allowed current success to limit their future.”


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