How To Lay Sod in 7 Easy Steps


Here’s what you need to know to get the job done right

1. Prepare the ground before ordering!

It’s IMPORTANT to prepare your ground first before ordering. Your sod needs to be layed within 6-12 hours once you’ve received it.

• Rototill, rake debris, level surfaces and lay sod.
• Use “Clear-it’’ (glyphosate) on a thin lawn. When all the green is killed, rake the area and lay sod.
• Rent a small sod harvester and remove the old turf to make way for the new sod. • Set your mower very low to the ground. Mow and rake off debris and put down a thin, good quality top soil before sodding.

2. Grade Surfaces

Carefully level all surfaces to be sodded. Soil surfaces should be 1 inch below walkways, patios and driveways to accomodate sod thickness. A light rolling will show soil depressions or surface irregularities. These can then be leveled.

3. Order Your Sod

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NOTE: We will need 24 hour notice to deliver your sod - excluding Sundays

4. Fertilize the Area

Fertilizer will be used by sod over the next few days as it is watered. Turf starter fertilizer can be applied either on the soil surface or on top of sod after it is down. Apply fertilizer evenly and at the recommended rate. Rake in lightly. Be sure the soil is even and smooth before laying sod. Use Greenhorizons turf starter fertilizer for best results.

5. Lay Sod Within 12 Hours

Begin laying sod as soon as possible (within 6 - 12 hours) upon delivery, especially in the spring (May- June) to avoid damage from heating. Sod that will remain stacked on a pallet for an extended period of time must be unstacked to allow air circulation.

Lay the first strip of sod along a straight line using string as a guide. Butt joints tightly- do not overlap edges. When laying the second strip, stagger the joints, much like laying bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit curves, edges, sprinkler heads, etc.

6. Water. Water. Water.

Water within 15 minutes of laying the first roll! Do not wait until the entire area is sodded before watering. As soon as a “sprinkler-sized” area is laid, begin watering it. Then go on to the next section. On a hot day, do not leave laid sod for more than an hour without water. On a cooler, overcast day, do not leave it for more than 2 hours.

7. Roll New Sod

Roll your new-GREENHORIZONS lawn to even out the turf joints and to ensure good contact between the turf roots and soil. Rolling is also effective in eliminating air pockets.
REMEMBER: Keep your new-3-D SOD BLEND well watered for at least 2-3 weeks. This will assist the turf edges to knit and the roots to establish. Now you are ready to enjoy years of pleasure with your beautiful new GREENHORIZONS lawn!

Download How to Lay Sod Reference Guide