Greenhorizons Exclusive Supplier XtraGrass Hybrid System

XtraGrass-Hybrid-SystemAt Greenhorizons Group, we’re very protective our reputation, because we know it is the cornerstone of our success. If our customers didn’t have confidence in what we had to offer, we know that it wouldn’t be long before we would have to shut our doors for good.

It’s because we’re so protective of our reputation that when we put our name behind a product, our customers can rest assured it will be of the highest quality and performance.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we are officially the exclusive supplier of XtraGrass in Ontario.

“XtraGrass is a hybrid system. It’s a combination of synthetic and natural turf,” said Steve Schiedel, Greenhorizons CEO. “What you get when you use it is a field that performs like a natural turf field, which is superior for the athletes’ play, but it can handle the wear and tear like an artificial field.”

Sportsfield Construction with XtraGrass

XtraGrass starts with a synthetic filament (which, by the way, is completely recyclable and the glue holding it together biodegrades). Natural turf is then grown through this filament, and the roots intertwine with the artificial system.

The turf is then installed on an engineered sand profile, which offers a host of benefits, including exceptional drainage, meaning your field will not be out of commission just because of a heavy rain the day before the big game. It also means that the natural turf will get plenty of air. Not being over-watered and clean air are two major factors in ensuring natural turf can grow as healthy as possible.

Starting with healthy natural turf is a key component of the overall system.

“The sheering of cleats is what damages a natural turf’s root system,” Steve explains. “XtraGrass system offers support and provides resistance.”

With artificial turfs systems, there are a host of environmental concerns, including the fact that the fields are much hotter than natural grassfields; also, the crumb rubber (which is predominantly made up of ground up tires) used to backfill the artificial turf fields gives the field a rubber smell, and may be linked to health concerns for players.

The Controversy Over The Use Of Artificial Turf Heats Up

The beauty of the XtraGrass system is that because it is a combination of artificial and natural turf, you get the best of both worlds: the durability of artificial turf, without having to give up all of the benefits of having a real, living grass field that is helping to clean the air while also being safe for athletes using the field – and no crumb rubber is used.

The artificial turf blades are specifically designed to be shorter than the natural grass blades, meaning the only time you will actually see them is when the natural grass has worn out. The benefit there is that the field will still look green while you’re scheduling maintenance.

“The natural grass is above the artificial turf, so the athletes – especially soccer goalies – don’t get what is basically rug burn on their legs when they dive for the ball, and the heat dissipates from the field,” Steve said.

XtraGrass also shares the benefit of a fully natural turf in that “you can remove sections easily. You can cut and roll them out and replace them with a new section that will grow into place,” said Steve.

This also means that you can incorporate a combination of XtraGrass and natural turf in your space. So, the high-traffic areas can have the extra support of the XtraGrass system, while the areas that won’t see as much action can have a natural grass turf – and the two systems can be incorporated seamlessly.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about XtraGrass to see if it’s right for your project.

Steve Schiedel