Tangerine Centre Corp

Tangerine Centre Corp

Project Owner
Centre Corp

Project Location
Tangerine Office Building, Toronto Ontario

Engineered Sand Field Profile

Greenhorizons’ Ultimate Sports Turf System installation Centre Corp approached Greenhorizons Sod Farms to help design and build a soccer pitch for their tenant, Tangerine Financial. Because the location of the field was small and the traffic on the field would be intensified, the design concept agreed upon was an engineered sand profile including a drainage stone layer and sub drainage lines on 3 meter centers, finished with Greenhorizons’ Soilless GHG Ultimate Sports Turf System™.

Unique Challenges – The location for the field was over top of an underground parking garage. This created unique sub grade shaping and drainage requirements, as well as overall size and dimension challenges to fit a usable field within the identified area.

Results achieved – Within the tight dimensional restraints, the end result fit very well into the surrounding landscape. Tangerine staff will enjoy a healthy playing surface for many years to come.




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