Why is my lawn not as green as my Neighbours?

29 Apr 2016

Make your lawn greenIn the early spring, so many people ask me the same question: “Why is my lawn not as green as my neighbour’s?!” After putting so much effort into having a well manicured lawn last year, it sure can be frustrating when your lawn is slightly brown come spring time. In fact last fall your lawn looked way healthier than average. Either you had new sod put in, or you just stepped up your lawn maintenance and yet you are still left with a golden tinge on your prized turf. What gives?!

Here's Why >>>

In the winter, grass goes dormant. Similar to how a bear hibernates to conserve energy, grass goes dormant to survive the harsh winter climate. The brown appearance of the lawn is a telltale sign that it is dormant. The main reason that your lawn may take longer to come out of dormancy than your neighbours has to do with how thick and healthy your lawn really is. A thick lawn will insulate the soil underneath it. In Canada normally we think insulation will keep things warm but in this case your thick grass keeps the soil cool. Soil temperature in turn is one of the main elements of what makes your lawn turn green. So if your neighbour’s lawn is thin and sparse the soil temperature can warm up faster allowing the thin lawn to appear healthy in the early spring.

A tip to help your lawn look beautiful this spring is spread a layer of BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil throughout. The variety of nutrients, moisture content, and microbial activity are all key ingredients for a very healthy lawn. We hope to see many dark, lush lawns in your neighbourhood this year.

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