The Summer Hues

11 Aug 2016

Are the summer hues giving you the blues? Have you caught yourself watching golf on TV, just so you can see a green lawn again?

It’s true that it’s been an incredibly dry summer. And while you may be tempted to run out and water your lawn every morning and evening, we’d like to encourage you to save on your water bill, take a deep breath, and as the classic song puts it, “Let it be, let it be.”

Yes, it’s true that the weeds are the only green things growing on most lawns these days. And yes, your lawn probably resembles hay more than grass. But we promise you: this is normal.

Grass, like a lot of other plants, goes into a dormancy period during the winter, or extremely dry seasons, such as what we’ve been seeing this summer. We know it doesn’t look like it right now, but your lawn will bounce back once we get a bit more rain and the weather cools down.

Like we said, we know the temptation is to run out and water your grass every day. Don’t. That will actually be more of a detriment than a help. It’s actually much better for your lawn if you water one inch of depth once a week. If you water too much in a drought, the grass’ roots will stay close to the surface, meaning that you’ll have a weak and shallow root system. It’s better to let your grass work for a drink, so it will be healthier in the long run.

Once the weather does get better, and your grass starts to come back, that will be the best time to apply fertilizer. It will help your lawn wake up (kind of like your first cup of coffee in the morning), and will help it built up some density.


We recommend that when it comes time to fertilize, you use Greenhorizon’s Green Thumb Triple 16. For more information on fertilizer, check out our Fertilizer Blog Article.

It’s a perfectly balanced fertilizer, with equal amounts of nitrogen, which greens your lawn and promotes top growth, phosphorus, which keeps your roots strong, and potash, which builds cell strength. It is also a quick-release fertilizer, which means that it will get to work on your lawn right away.

Until it’s time to get back to work on your lawn, we recommend you take a page out of its book, and indulge in a nice summer snooze; you can even dream of mowing the lawn, if it makes you feel better.  


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