Seven Easy Steps to an Instant Lawn

15 May 2014
Step 1:
Bare the area Your 3D SOD BLEND should be laid on bare soil. This can be achieved 3 ways:
1. Rototill, rake debris, level surface, lay sod.
2. Rent a small sod harvester and remove the old turf to make way for the new sod.
3. Set your mower very low to the ground. Mow and rake off debris. Put down a thin, good quality layer of top soil before sodding.

Step 2:
Grade Surfaces Carefully level all surface to be sodded. Soil surfaces should be 1 inch below walks, patios, and driveways, to accommodate 3D SOD BLEND thickness. A light rolling will show up soil depressions or surface irregularities. These can then be levelled.

Step 3:
Fertilize the Area Your free turf starter fertilizer can be applied either on soil surface or on top of sod after it is down. Fertilizer will be used by sod over the next few days as it is watered. Apply fertilizer evenly at the recommended rate. Rake in lightly. Be sure the soil is even and smooth before laying 3D SOD BLEND. Use Greenhorizons turf starter fertilizer for best results.

Step 4:
Lay Sod Begin laying sod as soon as possible upon delivery, especially in the spring (May, June) to avoid damage from heating. Sod that will remain stacked on a pallet for an extended period of time must be unstacked to allow air circulation.
Sod laying tips ... • Don't overlap • In brick-work fashion • Stagger your joints
Lay the first strip of 3D SOD BLEND along a straight line (use string for a guide). Butt joints tightly; do not overlap edges. When laying second strip, stagger joints, much as in laying bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit curves, edges, sprinkler heads, etc. Don't overlap.

Step 5:
Water, Water, Water! If a large area is being sodded with 3D SOD BLEND, do not wait until the entire area is laid before watering. As soon as a "sprinkler-sized" area is laid, begin watering it. Then go on to the next section. On a hot day do not leave laid sod for more than an hour without water. On a cooler, overcast day, do not leave it for more than 2 hours. Increasing sod laying success by a whopping 99% by watering!
Watering newly layed sod: • Water is the single most important tip for successful sod installation. • Water Immediately! Our basic rule has always been: a half inch of water in the first 10-15 minutes is better than 6 inches of water a few hours later. • Water Deeply! To maximize results, the ground must be kept moist.• Check to see if water has penetrated the sod by lifting a corner and checking the ground underneath.

Step 6: Roll New Sod Roll your new GREENHORIZONS lawn to even out the turf joints and to ensure good contact between turf roots and the soil. Rolling is also effective in eliminating air pockets.

Step 7: Keep Moist Keep your new 3D SOD BLEND well watered for at least two to three weeks. This will assist the turf edges to knit and the roots to become established. Now you're ready to enjoy years of pleasure with your beautiful new Greenhorizons lawn!
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Greenhorizons Sod Farms Seven Easy Steps to an Instant Lawn

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