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06 Sep 2017


The Passion For Turf

ProXstablishment is an additional service Greenhorizons Sod Farms offers to guarantee the complete establishment of sod after the installation and first watering. Any experienced turf manager can tell you that site preparation and laying the sod is only half the job… How the turf is managed following installation can drastically affect time-to-use or sign off of the site. 

Greenhorizons Sod Farms - ProXstablishment Mowing

The crew at Greenhorizons welcomes the opportunity to use their knowledge and resources from years of producing and installing sod; using proven fertilizer blends, specialized mowers, irrigation and custom installation machinery, and the massive knowledge base of their many key employees. 

Greenhorizons ProXstablishment Fertilizing

If you have a large area to be constructed or renovated, but you lack the available resources to do the job, then the ProXstablishment service is your perfect solution. When every day of the growing season counts, why waste a moment struggling? The key element of establishing sod successfully is taking full advantage of every growing day in the season; the ProXstablishment service accomplishes this. 

Greenhorizons ProXstablishment Watering

The service includes:

• Site installation logistics

• Water infrastructure and management

• Soil testing and pre-plant fertilization

• Minimum of two additional fertilizer applications

• Mowing 2-3 times a week 

Guaranteed results

After the service period you are guaranteed to have turf that is:

• Healthy

• Lush

• Vigorously growing

• Shows no visible seams or gaps

• Greenhorizons Sod Farms takes full responsibility of the end result of the establishment of sod on the site 

Greenhorizons ProXstablishment Water Management

Waiting for your call!

Give us a call we can discuss the requirements of your job. We’re in the business of making people happy and we pride ourselves in reacting quickly to our customer’s needs.

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