BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundle: Fall is The Perfect Time!

21 Aug 2018

Fall is my favourite season. The beautiful turning of the leaves and the cooler weather make spending time outside delightful! Local sod farms will plant their seeds in the fall due to increased amounts of rain, which is essential to the proper germination of grass seeds. Also fall is the time during the grass’s growing cycle when roots are growing the most aggressively in anticipation of winter dormancy. These factors, among others, make fall the perfect time to overseed your lawn!


verb | over·seed | ˈō-vər-ˌsēd
:to seed an existing stand with another plant

BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundle

Overseeding is an excellent way to get your lawn looking lush and beautiful for years to come. If you are using high quality products, such as BigYellowBag’s Overseeding Bundle, overseeding will add essential nutrients to your lawn’s soil base. Also, the newly germinated seeds will thicken your lawn, and cover up any pockets or holes there might be.

So what does it take to overseed? Not very much… Especially with BigYellowBag here to help.

  1. BigYellowBag’s Overseeding Bundle (approx. 1500 sq. ft. coverage)
  2. Tools: Shovel, Leaf Rake, Bucket, Sprinkler, Fertilizer Spreader
  3. An afternoon

Overseeding: How-To

BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundle

Once you have all the required materials, overseeding is simple! Mow your lawn short and rake away any debris that could prevent the seed from having good contact with your soil. From your Overseeding Bundle, blend your BigYellowBag Professional Top Dress Mix and your BigYellowBag Overseeding Blend Lawn Seed in a bucket at a ratio of 40:1 and spread this mixture across your lawn at a depth of about ½” (13 mm).

BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundle 1

Using the leaf rake, work the overseeding mixture into the thatch layer of your grass. Next, use your fertilizer spreader to evenly spread the 10-25-10 Starter Fertilizer across your lawn. This high-phosphorous fertilizer will help encourage new root growth. Lastly, your newly seeded lawn needs WATER. Ensure that the soil stays consistently moist at the surface while your seed is germinating. As a general rule, put down about ¼” of water daily for 2 weeks, then slowly cut back to every other day for the following 2 weeks.

As much as BigYellowBag makes it easier, overseeding is pretty simple. Its an extremely effective way for homeowners to get a picture-perfect lawn without having to re-sod the entire thing.

* BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundles are ONLY available from Greenhorizons Sod Farms locations*

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