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23 Sep 2016

Maybe you’re in the market for a whole new lawn, or maybe you just want to replace a few patchy areas.

If math has never been your strong suit, don’t worry! Whatever size your project is, OrderSodNow.com takes the guesswork out of the equation. All you need to know is how much square footage you want to cover, and the online calculator does the rest.

Not only will it tell you how many rolls you’ll need, but it also instantly calculates the cost, including HST. With just a few clicks, you can place your order, arrange the delivery date, and pay on our safe and secure website.

Orders can be placed any day, at any time, wherever you are.

In almost no time at all, your sod will be delivered to your doorstep (or the edge of your driveway, in front of your garage, wherever you want; just let us know in the delivery instructions portion of the online order form) and you’ll be enjoying a gorgeous-looking lawn that is the envy of the neighbourhood.


order sod now

Fast and convenient, this is one website that really lives up to its name, because you truly can OrderSodNow.com.

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