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04 Jun 2018

Greenhorizons Sod Farms has been at the leading edge of turfgrass technology, logistics, and marketing since 1975. We are constantly trying new ways to improve what we do, but no matter what challenge lies ahead, the heart of Greenhorizons keeps everything running smoothly: our operations management team. 

There is a lot more than meets the eye to making sure that our sod is purchased, harvested, delivered, and installed in a timely manner.

Day-in and day-out, we have valued team members attending phones, managing payroll, and performing countless accounting tasks. Leading the team, with over 35 years’ experience doing so, is Christine Schiedel. Attention to detail, and effective communication are just a couple of the traits that make Christine great at what she does. It’s common for Christine to go above and beyond when addressing customer issues, both wholesale and retail. She has a wealth of knowledge and you’ll be hard pressed to find a problem that Christine doesn’t have an answer for.


Several other members of our operations management team have over 20 years’ experience at Greenhorizons. These key members play important roles in both customer service and accounting. In the world of turfgrass, there are a million things that can go wrong. Sod is a perishable product and you can imagine how often it gets mishandled. Our customer service representatives field every manner of question, and either provide as much information as they can, or direct the customer to where they can learn more. After 20 years of talking turf, our customer service representatives have learned a TON about ground cover solutions. 

We have an extensive network of wholesale sod customers that require different levels of attention. Balancing the time spent on wholesale and retail customers can be challenging, but this is where our experience shows. Our customer service representatives wear many hats, addressing both wholesale and retail customer concerns with ease. They can talk to hundreds of customers in a day, each with their own unique needs. 

Our accounting department is constantly inundated with invoices, payroll tasks, and managing budgets. They do a fantastic job at processing all of the paperwork required to keep Greenhorizons in business. Coming from a long line of farmers, many of us have the attitude of "work now, organize later" but our accounting department is the polar opposite. Organization is essential to operating at 100% and these amazing employees hold everything together here at the farm. 


Without these dedicated team members, we would be at a loss. We would never be able to accommodate the needs of our customers without the customer service agents, accountants, and managers that work in our operations management department. If you have the chance to speak with someone at Greenhorizons, be sure to let them know they’re doing a great job! Without a doubt, they will be a key player in our operations management team. 

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