MacKids Miracle Weekend: Plane Pull - Supported by Greenhorizons

14 Mar 2018

Greenhorizons Sod Farms was built on over 200 years of Ontario agricultural experience, and any family who has farmed for 200 years is going to develop deep community ties. We have always held community support in high regard, jumping at the opportunity to sponsor local events, especially when they are for a great cause. Recently, one of those opportunities has presented itself and we're really excited about this one...

MacKids Miracle Plane Pull - Greenhorizons


The Event

The 6th annual Miracle Plane Pull for McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation is going to be held down the road from Greenhorizons Sod Farms - Hamilton at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport on Sunday, June 3, 2018 in conjunction with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  This unique event brings together approximately 1,000 individuals and families from the local community who are eager to join with friends to test their strength, enjoy an interactive setting and support McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Each participating team of 15-25 adults receives two opportunities to pull a Boeing 727 25 feet and their times are recorded.  At the end of the day, the team with the fastest time is awarded the “prestigious” Miracle Plane Pull Trophy!


The Cause

McMaster Children’s Hospital is one of Canada’s leading pediatric health care facilities and is the regional referral centre for children who are seriously ill, injured or require specialized services in Hamilton and across south-central Ontario.

Community support is essential to McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation, as the government does not provide funding for equipment purchases. Therefore, the generosity of the community ensures that the teams at McMaster Children’s Hospital have the tools needed to provide the best care possible.


How to Get Involved!

If any of this sounds like fun to you (can't see how it wouldn't) think of 15-25 people that you would want on YOUR team. See if they're interested too and click the link below! There are more details on the event and you can register your team. We hope to see you at the Plane Pull!

MacKids Miracle Plane Pull - Greenhorizons
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MacKids Miracle Plane Pull

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