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05 May 2016

We worked hard for a long time to make Hamilton Sod a household name.

In fact, Hamilton Sod is one of the oldest sod farms in all of Ontario.

We wanted everyone to know that when they saw that name, it meant quality products and top-notch customer service.

And we succeeded. In fact, we did our job a little too well.

In 1989, Hamilton Sod and Compact Sod, owned by brothers Steve and Ron Schiedel respectively, came together as one company. “We wanted one company name, and so it became Greenhorizons Sod Farms,” said Operations Manager Peter Rauwerda.

“We’ve been operating under the Greenhorizons Sod Farms name for almost 30 years.”


The problem, however, is that other sod and soil companies have been trying to use our old Hamilton Sod name to ride on the strength of our reputation.

“It’s frustrating, because we want people to get the quality they’ve come to expect with the Hamilton Sod name,” Peter said. Greenhorizons Sod Farms also owns BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil, and has a number of carefully selected licensees across North America. That's why we encourage you to read labels carefully, just like you would with the food you eat, to make sure you're actually getting what you expect.

Look for the Greenhorizons Sod Farms name. If it it’s not on the label, then it's not the BigYellowBag or Hamilton Sod quality you’re looking for.


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