Greenhorizons Sod Farms & Willow Valley Golf Course Announce Participation In Rounds 4 Research.

01 Jun 2015
Hamilton, ON; Greenhorizons Sod Farms, in association with the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF), is proud to participate in Rounds 4 Research, an original program designed to generate financial resources that will fund research grants that assist turf production and golf and sports field turf management by auctioning off rounds of golf at golf courses all over North America. Rounds 4 Research (R4R) auction is operated by the Environmental Institute for Golf, GCSAA’s philanthropic arm. Over $1 million has been donated to turfgrass research by the CTRF.

About CTRF: Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF) is a federation of organizations from across Canada that is committed to funding research that assists turf production and golf and sports field turf management.

About Greenhorizons Sod Farms: Greenhorizons Sod Farms™ is a producer and distributor of sustainable, environmentally beneficial products and services blending world-leading technologies with century-old techniques. Greenhorizons continues its vision for a sustainable green world. Greenhorizons brands range from; LEED accredited turf grass blends, to IPM produced specialty turf grass for the golf industry and cutting edge natural sports turf pitch systems and designs to outperform synthetic artificial fields. In addition, the owners of Greenhorizons Sod Farms are the innovators behind the BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil delivery system & Willow Valley Golf Course, an architecturally designed course located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Rounds 4 Research next auction runs June 8-21, 2015. For more information on Rounds 4 Research hit the link

Greenhorizons Sod Farms Media Contact:
Audrey Nesbitt

Greenhorizons Sod Farms / Hamilton Sod:
Steve Schiedel
2907 Upper James
Mount Hope, ON

Greenhorizons Sod Farms / Compact Sod:
Ron Schiedel
1625 Kossuth Road
Cambridge, ON
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Greenhorizons Sod Farms Rounds 4 Research

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