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29 Jan 2018

At Greenhorizons Sod Farms, we are committed to donating to a number of charitable organizations and institutions. Today, I want to talk to you about our donation history with an institution that is near and dear to my heart: Calvin Christian School in Hamilton. As a member of the Calvin Christian Alumni, I love to talk about everything that they do for their students. Thanks to organizations like Greenhorizons, there have been considerable improvements to Calvin Christian each year.

Every year, Calvin Christian hosts a golf tournament at our very own Willow Valley Golf Course. The annual Golf Tournament is meant to raise funds for the Special Education Department at Calvin Christian. The Special Education Department helps to support students by surrounding them with a community specialized in certain services for children with disabilities and children who excel at a different level. At Calvin Christian, they understand that each student learns in a unique way so accommodations are made for students who need extra help with their schoolwork or integrating into their classroom life. The Special Education Department also works to help students who are seeking extended learning opportunities.

Proceeds raised at this annual golf tournament help in areas that aren’t funded by our government. Greenhorizons is a key contributor in helping Calvin Christian School to reach their fundraising goal each and every year. In addition to hosting the tournament at Willow Valley, Greenhorizons also contributes a Big Yellow Bag.  By hosting and donating to this tournament, Greenhorizons is able to directly support the students at Calvin Christian School.

As a child, I remember being so excited when November came around. It was Bazaar time! At Calvin Christian, they have an annual bazaar where they put all of their efforts into raising as much as they can by seeking donors, donations, and volunteers. During the day, there is a silent auction where people will bid on the many donations available. For the evening, there is a larger scale auction where BIG items, like GreenhorizonsBig Yellow Bag, can be featured. As well as Greenhorizons’ donations, Willow Valley Golf Course donates 4 rounds of golf with carts! It is donations like this that make the Calvin Christian School Bazaar thrive each and every year.

We are proud to be a faithful donor to Calvin Christian School and their many different events. By continuing our donations, we are able to continually see how we are able to positively impact the education of the students there.



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