Another Beautiful Sod Install by Greenhorizons Sod Farms

31 May 2016

Many people over-look the plant that Greenhorizons has passionately cultivated for over 30 years. Fortunate for us, Credit Valley Golf and Country Club does not over-look their turf. They wanted to have the best possible surfaces for their members to finely tune their game on. So naturally, they turned to Greenhorizons Sod Farms. Full reconstruction of their driving range began in the last week of November, 2015.

One of the most prominent features of the driving range is the brand new tee decks. The decks are composed of all GHG Dwarf Low Mow Bluegrass, that we extensively washed to remove all native soils. Underneath the turf is an engineered sand growing medium, that not only provides ideal growing conditions for the sod, but it also makes sure there are no impediments to proper drainage. With all the native soil removed, there is no layering of soils, making the drainage even better and providing a perfect golfing surface.

The target greens were entirely made up of GHG 3-Way Creeping Bentgrass Blend. This is a blend of 3 cultivars carefully selected from years of experience as an excellent multi-purpose bentgrass. The combination of these bentgrasses results in a turf that is exceptionally heat, cold, drought, and disease resistant. It should be perfect for the manicured target greens at Credit Valley.

We used our GHG Premium Bluegrass for all the rough. It has a high density, ability to be maintained at low mowing heights, and it has an incredible deep green colour.

The fairways and fringe are made up of the same low mow turf used on the tee decks, however the sod is on native soils as opposed to being washed.

In the fall of 2015, construction was delayed due to issues with obtaining permits, however in the last week of November, the Greenhorizons crew was able to get up and going. Unusually warm weather going into December allowed the job to be finished just one week into the month, and we are ecstatic with the results.

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