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Another Beautiful Sod Install by Greenhorizons…

31 May 2016

Many people over-look the plant that Greenhorizons has passionately cultivated for over 30 years. Fortunate for us, Credit Valley. Continue reading

Premium Bluegrass: A Step Above The Rest

12 May 2016

​If you want to have the best looking and healthiest lawn, you have to put down quality sod. Continue reading

Hamilton Sod, Compact Sod, Together as One!…

05 May 2016

In 1989, Hamilton Sod and Compact Sod, owned by brothers Steve and Ron Schiedel respectively, came together as one company. Continue reading

Why is my lawn not as green as my Neighbours?

29 Apr 2016

The truth just may be that your dormant lawn is the mark of a healthy lawn. A dormant lawn in the spring can be annoying since there. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Mow Your Lawn This…

28 Apr 2016

Finally, we can wake up in the morning and not have to brush the snow off the car, or shiver on our way from bed to the shower. Everybody. Continue reading

Greenhorizons Sod Farms Proud to Supply…

10 Nov 2015

Greenhorizons Sod Farms is proud to support HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre by supplying all the Christmas Trees for the HopeSpring. Continue reading


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