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Fraize Mowing 101

23 Nov 2017

Since inception in 1975, Greenhorizons has been seeking the most effective methods for installing, rejuvenating, and maintaining high. Continue reading

Getting Ready For Winter with BigYellowBag…

12 Sep 2017

Fall is filled with beautiful colours and bountiful harvests. It's also the best time to work in the yard with cooler weather,. Continue reading

Greenhorizons Sod Farms - ProXstablishment

06 Sep 2017

ProXstablishment is an additional service Greenhorizons Sod Farms offers to guarantee the complete establishment of sod after the. Continue reading

Fall Sod Establishment: It's The Perfect…

18 Aug 2017

​Many people have the misconception that sod must be laid during the typical growing season of plants. Sod can be successfully laid. Continue reading

Bentgrass: The Mechanics Behind a Perfect…

01 Aug 2017

Here at Greenhorizons, our commitment to quality, service and innovation has given us a pretty good reputation. Our bentgrass is just. Continue reading

Hamilton Sod: What's in A Name?

15 Jun 2017

The history and strong reputation of Hamilton Sod were part of why we wanted to add it to the Greenhorizons Group; we know that customer. Continue reading


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