Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium Project

22 May 2018

Bernie Arbour was a prominent Hamilton police sergeant, as well as the director of Hamilton youth baseball from 1948 until 1967 when he sadly passed away at the age of 46 from cancer. Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium was constructed in 1970 in his memory. The Stadium is home to the Hamilton Cardinals, the second oldest sports team in Hamilton, next to the Hamilton Tiger Cats.


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If you have been following the story in the Hamilton Spectator you will know that in November 2017, Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium was used to film an episode of the Handmaid’s Tail. Hamilton residents were exceptionally excited when they noticed the field begin to transform into the set for season two. It’s not every day that you get to see gallows being built on our local baseball field! For the episode, the field was meant to look abandoned and divot-pocketed to show what had been lost as a result of the war. Unfortunately, the process of making the field look abandoned completely destroyed the existing turf! As a result, the City of Hamilton decided to get the field completely re-sodded. Greenhorizons Sod Farm was contacted and quickly decided to take on the project. On May 17, we got started transforming Bernie Arbor Stadium. We had multiple trucks delivering full loads of our farm fresh sod to the field all day on the 17th as well as the 18th. It was quite the process. We had workers laying sod, making sure the sod was in the correct place, seaming, watering as well as rolling. You know what they say, many hands make light work!


After a lot of hard work during those two days, Bernie Arbour Memorial Stadium has been returned to its former glory and will soon be used for competitive baseball once again! Thank you to our excellent site supervisor and the hard work of all our workers on the field. We were able to finish the project on May 18th, and what an amazing result! Yet another field we can look back on and be proud of. 


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