Bentgrass: The Mechanics Behind a Perfect Golf Green

01 Aug 2017

Here at Greenhorizons, our commitment to quality, service and innovation has given us a pretty good  reputation. Not only do we grow grass for home-owners, but we also install premium bentrass at several different golf courses across the province. In the spring, Greenhorizons installed soilless bentgrass on a USGA golf green at a course so exclusive, we can't evensay where it is!

The Obvious Choice: Greenhorizons.


When it comes to knowledge and experience,  Greenhorizons just plainly beats the competition... We were the obvious choice for consulting on such a specialty project. We offered the best solution to install a new green, and have it puttable as soon as possible. GHG soilless L-93 bentgrass sod was chosen and installed on the USGA engineered sand profile. Our specialty natural turf installation crew arrived on site well before delivery, in order to properly float and groom the new green complex to perfection. This is also just as important as actually laying down the sod. You want to make sure the underlying profile is perfectly even to ensure a perfect green. We also installed Premium Bluegrass surrounding the green complex. This ensured that no native soil would wash into the new greens. A perfect fringe for a perfect green!

Exclusive Soilless Bentgrass Turf

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Our exclusive soilless products are also ideal for an engineered sand growing medium/profile. Whether its for golf greens, tees or premium sports fields, there is simply no better way to establish a healthy, playable surface in such a short period of time. We took advantage of the vigorously growing spring bentgrass roots to help renovate many golf greens across Ontario! The turf was healthy and growing rapidly coming out of spring. Greenhorizons also supplies and installs its natural turf grass sod blends grown on USGA sand. This premium, natural sod product is supplied and installed with a GUARANTEE that there will be no native soil present. Therefore you can rest assured you are receiving a top quality product. For large or unique sod installation challenges, there really is only one option... Greenhorizons Sod Farms. For inquiries you can contact us at our different locations  here.

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