To Aerate or Not To Aerate....

13 Jul 2016

That is the question, but the answer is simple... aerate.

Maybe it’s a drawer in the kitchen, or the front hall closet. Even if it’s your entire basement, we’re not judging, because we all have that place in our home where odds and ends just seem to end up. Sooner or later, you find yourself emptying the whole thing, sorting, tossing, and reorganizing. And isn’t it nice when you’re all done? You honestly feel like you can breathe a little easier, knowing that everything isn’t so crammed and cramped in there.

That feeling of relief is similar to the feeling that your grass has after it has been aerated.

Your grass’ root system is exactly that – a system. It’s all intertwined. As your grass’ roots grow, they become more tightly packed in with the other roots and the soil. Soon, there’s not enough space for the roots to grow any more, or for anything else to get through.

Plants are like us in that they need water and air to survive. Aerating your lawn allows the grass’ root system fresh and easy access to air and water.

aerate grass 

There are two main kinds of aerators. The first has prongs or knives that pierce the soil. The second has hollow tines that remove plugs of soil. The latter is your better option, because it is more effective. You can either buy the equipment and do it yourself, or you can contract a company to do it for you.

aerate grass

There are also a number of manual aerating devices available, such as aerating shoes and hand tool aerators. These are more economic, but can be very time consuming depending on the size of your lawn.


After your lawn is aerated, we recommend top dressing it with BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil. It has light and fluffy properties, thanks to its perfectly balanced mix of black loam, peat loam, compost and manure. This means that it will be able to achieve enough drainage that your grass isn’t drowning, but retain enough moisture that it isn’t drying out, either. BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil is also packed with essential nutrients and organic matter, which gives your grass the ‘food’ it need to grow healthy.

aerate grass

It’s important to remember that just like the junk drawer will need to be cleaned out again, your lawn will need to be aerated again. How often depends a lot on your soil, how dry it is, and how much foot traffic is on your lawn; it could be as much as twice a year, or as little as every other year. But be sure to do it regularly; your lawn will be a lot heathier for it.

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aerate grass

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