A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Lawn

19 May 2017

Aerating: A Healthy Boost

Aerating your lawn is a way of relieving your compacted turf without causing excessive injury to your grass! Grass gets compacted when there is heavy foot traffic on your lawn. Compacted grass makes it hard for nutrients and proper air to reach the root system, causing your lawn to show the effects throughout the growing season. Aerators have hollow tines that extract plugs of soil around 2-3 inches deep.This allows water, air and nutrients to reach the turf roots, which helps revive your lawn and give it much needed nutrients. This will create a deeper and healthier root system, which allows the lawn to grow faster and more fibrous. It's like a breath of fresh air for your lawn! This enables the plant to uptake water and nutrients faster and ultimately easier. This will be especially helpful in the hotter summer months because the lawn will need less frequent watering.

Removes Excess Thatch

Aeration also removes excessive thatch. Thatch is an organic layer of dead (and living) stems and roots that develop above the soil surface. It builds up when the turf produces this organic debris faster than it is being broken down.The soil that is brought to the surface through aeration combined with the thatch, helps it to decompose quicker and provide natural nutrition to your lawn.

Rent or Buy? 

8704115339_808a6b275c_mAeration has become easier and more accessible since the introduction of power driven aerators.  As an average homeowner, you may not want to invest in aeration equipment as you do not have to regularly use it. It is best to have a lawn care company aerate for you, or to rent the equipment from a local garden centre or hardware store every year. 

Aerating is best done in the spring to give your lawn some healthy roots before the summer heat kicks in. It can also be done in the early fall when your lawn is at its peak rejuvenation phase.

Aeration is a step that is often overlooked, but is something that you should consider doing. It will provide your lawn with the means of getting those essential nutrients as well as proper air. It helps it create a deeper root system, which will help create a thicker and more lush lawn. Having to water less is also a nice bonus during those hot summer months. Both you and your lawn will be thankful!

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