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Once on site, the sports turf lives in a layer of engineered sand, derived from granite and shipped in from Huntsville. Ordinarily grass grows up to two and a half years in the sand before being harvested. But Games deadlines meant no time to slowly develop that layer. Continue reading
Hamilton, ON; Greenhorizons Sod Farms, in association with the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF), is proud to participate in Rounds 4 Research, an original program designed to generate financial resources that will fund research grants that assist turf production and golf and sports field turf management by auctioning off rounds of golf at golf courses all over North America. Rounds 4 Research (R4R) auction is operated by the Environmental Institute for Golf, GCSAA's philanthropic arm. Over $1 million has been donated to turfgrass research by the CTRF. Continue reading
Artificial Turf has been a hot topic in the news lately with the top female soccer players in the world protesting the use of artificial turf at the World Cup being played in Canada in 2015. They've even filed a challenge in the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, claiming they are being discriminated against because men play their games on natural grass. Continue reading
It's almost the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games, and Greenhorizons is eagerly waiting along with the rest of the community for this prestigious sporting event, because we have had the opportunity to put our mark on it- three venues we've worked on: the President's Choice Ajax Pan Am Ballpark, the CIBC Pan Am/ Parapan Am Athletics Stadium at York University in Toronto, and the Angus Glen Golf Club in Markham. Continue reading


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