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Many people over-look the plant that Greenhorizons has passionately cultivated for over 30 years. Fortunate for us, Credit Valley Golf and Country Club does not over-look their turf. They wanted to have the best possible surfaces for their members to finely tune their game on. So naturally, they turned to Greenhorizons Sod Farms. Full reconstruction of their driving range began in the last week of November, 2015. Continue reading
The truth just may be that your dormant lawn is the mark of a healthy lawn. A dormant lawn in the spring can be annoying since there is a good chance you have cared for your lawn over the past year way more than the others around you. In fact last fall your lawn was way better than the average lawn. Continue reading
Greenhorizons Sod Farms is Proud to Support the Nolan Melchin Memorial Outdoor Classroom at the Laurel Creek Nature Centre in Waterloo, ON. On Saturday, October 3, 2015, the Nolan Melchin Memorial Outdoor Classroom officially opened. This special outdoor classroom is dedicated to the life of Nolan Melchin who passed away March 28, 2013, at the tender age of 6 after battling an aggressive pediatric brain tumour. Continue reading
First, artificial turf gets hot. There are a few things you can do to try and bring the temperature down, but your two main options are covering it with a tarp, which kind of eliminates the aesthetic benefits of artificial turf or watering it to cool it off, which… well… yeah. And even using these measures, researchers at the Pennsylvania State University weren't even able to keep the artificial turf cool for the length of a standard sports game. (1) (As if the kids needed another excuse to hide in the house with the lights and air conditioner on!) Continue reading


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