Latest From Our Blog is your sod solution destination. We take the hassle out of ordering sod, and make sure that our online order system is ready and waiting for whenever you would like to order your sod. We provide only the highest quality sod from the most trusted producers in the industry, and customer service is always #1 when you Continue reading
One of the toughest places to establish sod in, is any area with limited to no sunlight. Grass needs light to thrive and shade can be a hindrance to sod success. There are several precautions and things to keep in mind, and Greenhorizons is here to help! Continue reading
Do-it-yourself home improvement is incredibly popular today. Along with the wonderful invention of the internet has come a TON of useful information on how to do all sorts of home improvement projects. More and more homeowners are taking on home improvement projects that require laying sod, and we want to make sure that those homeowners have the best chances at establishing their new turf. Continue reading
Many people over-look the plant that Greenhorizons has passionately cultivated for over 30 years. Fortunate for us, Credit Valley Golf and Country Club does not over-look their turf. They wanted to have the best possible surfaces for their members to finely tune their game on. So naturally, they turned to Greenhorizons Sod Farms. Full reconstruction of their driving range began in the last week of November, 2015. Continue reading


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