3 Reasons Why You Should Mow Your Lawn This Weekend

28 Apr 2016

Improve your lawn healthFinally, we can wake up in the morning and not have to brush the snow off the car, or shiver on our way from bed to the shower. Everybody knows that with the spring weather comes the enjoyment of getting to work outside in our yard and gardens. So many people are trying to figure out the ideal time to get that first mow of the lawn in. Its important to get started as soon as possible! Here are three reasons why we should not hesitate to mow our lawns this weekend.

1) Mowing will encourage the grass’s transition out of dormancy

As we all know, grass turns brown in the winter. This brown appearance is due to the grass going dormant. Its almost like how a bear hibernates over the winter to conserve energy, grass goes dormant in order to survive the harsh climate. Mowing your lawn in the early stages of its transition out of dormancy will stimulate the grass and speed up the process. **Never cut more than a third of the blade off in order to avoid stressing your grass**

2) Cutting off the brown dormant tips of the grass will give it a greener appearance

Early season lawns typically have prominent brown tinges due to some grass tips being brown from dormancy. Mowing your lawn will remove these brown tips and give the lawn a greener shade. Frequent mowing also promotes the health of your lawn, and it will naturally become greener as it becomes healthier. **Be sure your mower blades are very sharp to avoid ripping (ripped grass blades are more prone to contracting diseases than clean cut grass blades)**

3) Small grass clippings from an early mow will break down quickly and promote a healthy lawn

When the clippings are smaller, they break down much more quickly. Large clippings can take a while to break down and create a very weak and flimsy thatch layer (thatch is the surface network of roots and debris that holds the grass together). Small clippings that decompose easily return nutrients back into your soil, and promote the growth of a strong and healthy thatch layer, and in turn a strong and healthy lawn. Another tip to help your lawn look beautiful this spring is spread a layer of BigYellowBag Black Garden Soil throughout. The variety of nutrients, moisture content, and microbial activity are all key ingredients for a very healthy lawn. We hope to see many dark, lush lawns in your neighbourhood this year!


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