12 Days of Spring Trivia Contest

28 Feb 2019

Counting Down the Days!

One of our favourite things about Winter is counting down the days to Spring. We are always looking forward to longer days, gardening, and sod harvesting. Our BigYellow Bag lawn and garden soil helps grow everything better. We offer  Soil delivery that makes it easy to get your garden blooming. Many of our loyal customers also use our top soil to help dress their lawn to get the greener grass on their side. This year, we're also counting down to something even better: BigYellowBag®'s 12 Days of Spring Daily Trivia Contest!

Here's how it works:

Keep checking your email (or simply come back to this blog post) for the 12 Days of Spring Daily Trivia Question. Each correctly answered question gives you one entry to a draw for the Daily Prizes. Without giving too much away... you can win things like a BigYellowBag, a Canadian-made barbecue brush from Felton Brushes, and even an entire pallet of sod!

Each correctly answered question ALSO enters you into the Grand Prize draw which is for... Drum roll, please...The Prestige PRO Series PRO825 Dual Headed Grill AND a St. Tropez Patioflame Table! (There will be two Grand Prize Winners) So, if we've done our math correctly, you can get UP TO 12 ENTRIES into that Grand Prize draw! Grand Prizes will be provided by Goemans Appliances and Goemans Custom Climate respectively, two community focused local businesses.

12 Days of Spring Daily Trivia Contest Grand Prizes!
40 years have taught us that great customer service begins and ends with one universal truth - treat customers the way you would like to be treated. Our founder, Tony Goemans may not have invented the Golden Rule, but he lived it everyday and instilled it in all of us... At Goemans, you’ll be treated like part of the family and that’s a promise.

Make sure you do your research to get all the questions right. 12 correct answers earns you the best chance to win that beautiful grilling machine, or the majestic flame table! (Not to mention each Daily Prize!) I'll even give you a hint... All the answers to the questions can be found on BigYellowBag's blog and website. Check them out to get the best chance to win that amazing grill!

If available, click today's date on the calendar to bring you to the Daily Trivia Question. 

Answer correctly for your chance to win the Daily Prize and gain an entry to the Grand Prize draw!

March 2019
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24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Think you've got all the answers? All daily draw winners will be announced every morning at 9:30AM EST starting March 10, 2019. The Grand Prize winners will be announced March 21, 2019!

Best of luck!



Congratulations to you both! We have reached out via email and look forward to getting the prizes to you!


No purchase necessary. Purchase does not enhance your chance of winning. Void where prohibited. This contest is hosted by Greenhorizons Sod Farms and BigYellowBag. In order to enter this Trivia Contest, you must correctly answer our Trivia Question, provide a first name, last name, and an email address. ALL PERSONAL DATA WILL REMAIN PRIVATE. WE DO NOT SELL ANY INFORMATION TO THIRD PARTIES. Each successful entry will also be entered into our Grand Prize draw. You must reside in Southern Ontario, Canada in one of the BigYellowBag Licensed Delivery Areas to enter the contest and win. You can check for BigYellowBag availability in your area by heading to https://www.bigyellowbag.com/ and attempting to place an order with your postal code. Winners will be announced each day starting March 10th, 2019 (Contest begins March 9th, 2019) and ending on March 20th, 2019. The Winner for the Grand Prizes will be announced on March 21st, 2019 as well, the second day of spring! Winner choices are in NO WAY biased. You can get multiple chances to win our Grand Prizes by accurately answering each daily trivia question (up to a total of 12 possible entries). Each of these chances still counts as a chance to win a Daily Prize. We will announce the Daily Prize winner each day in the next 12 Days of Spring Trivia Email. By entering this contest, you consent to having your first and last name publicized to our email recipients and social media followers in the event that you win either a Daily Prize OR the Grand Prizes OR both. Winners for all prizes will be chosen at random. The odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries, and the number of trivia questions properly answered (a total of 12 possible entries).

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