Greenhorizons Sod Farms™ is one of the largest nursery grown sod producers in Ontario. Owned by Ron and Steve Schiedel and established over 30 years ago, Greenhorizons Sod Farms™ has earned a reputation of having a commitment to quality, service and innovation. From supplying top quality sod and black garden soil directly to homeowners to installing all natural sports field playing turf surfaces for world class sporting events, Greenhorizons Sod Farms™ is the Professionals Choice.

Innovation threads itself through all of Greenhorizons Sod Farms companies including the beautiful Willow Valley Golf Course in Hamilton. Designed by Graham Cooke, Willow Valley is considered one of the areas most playable yet challenging tracks. The Greenhorizons Group also includes the BigYellowBag®, one cubic yard of quality black garden soil delivered right to the homeowners door. Greenhorizons Sod Farms™ believes in being the best 'Original Green Company'.

From it's early beginnings 30 years ago to the merging of  Compact Sod in Cambridge with Hamilton Sod in Mount Hope on Upper James St, Greenhorizons Sod Farms has grown to over 4,000 acres of turf and has established itself as the turf / sod experts in Ontario taking a hand in the turf development, installation and or maintenance of major sports field construction projects including  BMO Field, Rogers Centre, The President's Choice Ajax Ballpark, the Toronto Track and Field Centre at York University, Angus Glen Golf Course, Burlington Golf and Country Club and more.

"Greenhorizons Sod Farms exceeded all expectations of quality and service." –Doug Erwin, Head Superintendent Angus Glen Greens Renovation Fall 2014

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Getting quality black garden soil delivered to your home has never been easier than with the BigYellowBag®. Just call or order online and we deliver. No lugging, no mess and you don’t even have to be home to take delivery.

Join the tens of thousands of happy customers who have been having top quality Black Garden Soil delivered in the BigYellowBag® since 1994. If the BigYellowBag® is not exactly what you expected, we will pick it up and refund you 100%.



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Whether you are a Professional Landscaper, Government Agency, Landscape Architect or homeowner, ordering sod online has never been easier.

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