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GHG Aggressor Pro Creeping Bentgrass


Aggressor Pro bentgrass blend Greenhorizons GHG Aggressor Pro bentgrass blend is an exceptional blend of MacKenzie and Tyee, two top-rated, new bentgrass varieties. Each of these varieties has been consistently rated amongst the top bentgrasses in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) field trials for performance under pressure. Designed to create true greens surfaces with excellent resistance to heat stress, drought stress and wear, this blend also boasts outstanding resistance to diseases. Aggressor Pro is an excellent blend of cultivars that perform well under a wide variety of conditions.

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GHG 3-Way Creeping Bentgrass Blend


3-Way Creeping Bentgrass Greenhorizons 3-Way Creeping Bentgrass is a blend of three cultivars carefully selected from years of experience as an excellent multi-purpose bentgrass. GHG 3-Way Creeping Bentgrass The combination of these bentgrasses results in a turf that is exceptionally heat, cold, drought and disease resistant. This aggressive, fine-textured and very dense turf is available in both greens and fairway/tee height.

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GHG Penn A-4 Creeping Bentgrass


A-4 Creeping Bentgrass This is an extremely dense, high-maintenance bentgrass known the world over as a superior performer for true, fast putting green surfaces. The cultivar of choice on many championship courses, Penn A-4 has remained one of the most highly rated bentgrasses in the NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) field trials for heat & cold tolerance. The aggressive nature of GHG Penn A-4 makes it extremely desirable in areas of high traffic and intense play and an excellent competitor against weeds, especially annual bluegrass. Penn A-4 creeping bentgrass sod from Greenhorizons is available in small roll, big roll and the soil-less, washed sod formats.

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GHG Premium Bluegrass


Premium Bluegrass Greenhorizons Premium Bluegrass is a combination of research chosen Kentucky bluegrass cultivars, selected through years of trials. This blend is suited to a variety of locations and applications from golf courses and sports fields to landscapes. The varieties that are blended into GHG Premium Bluegrass are chosen for their high density, ability to be maintained at low cutting heights and their incredible, deep green color.

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GHG Ultimate Sports Turf


Dwarf Low-Mow Bluegrass Is established using Greenhorizons Sod Farms Leading Edge Turfgrass Technology. It is a combination of the latest proven Kentucky Bluegrass cultivars selected through years of research. Research is evaluated from the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) alongside Greenhorizons Sod Farms’ own research and testing to choose the best varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass for Southern Ontario.

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GHG Eco Solutions: Pure Fine Fescue


Pure Fine Fescue Greenhorizons Pure Fine Fescue is a low-maintenance blend of Creeping Red, Hard and Chewings Fescues which are heat, drought and shade tolerant. This blend is a fine-textured turf with low fertility requirements and is enhanced with endophytes to resist insect pests. Our Pure Fine Fescue is specifically blended for specialty applications including sloped out-of-play areas on golf courses and the back faces of fairway bunkers. The varieties in this blend are best suited to low traffic, low maintenance areas and can be left to grow long for a “links-style” appearance.

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GHG Eco Solutions: Eco-Turf Mixture


Eco-Turf Mixture A low-maintenance mixture of fine fescues, Kentucky bluegrass and microclover, produces a tight stand of turf that aggressively out-competes weeds. The microclover in this mixture is bred small and inconspicuous in fine turf stands and provides lower fertility requirements. Eco-Turf maintains green color even through periods of summer stress and boasts equivalent wear tolerance to standard, all-grass turfs. Ideal applications are hospitals, municipal & commercial office building green spaces, high-end estate lawns and those near environmentally sensitive areas.

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