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eco-turfEco-Turf Mixture
Eco-Turf, a low-maintenance mixture of fine fescues, Kentucky bluegrass and microclover, produces a tight stand of turf that aggressively out-competes weeds. The microclover in this mixture is bred to be small and inconspicuous in fine turf stands and provides for lower fertility requirements. Eco-Turf maintains green color even through periods of summer stress and boasts equivalent wear tolerance to standard, all-grass turfs. Ideal applications for this product are hospital, municipal & commercial office building green spaces, high-end estate lawns and those near environmentally sensitive areas.

pure fine fescuePure Fine Fescue Blend
Greenhorizons Pure Fine Fescue is a low-maintenance blend of Creeping Red, Hard and Chewings Fescues which are very heat, drought and shade tolerant. This turfgrass is a dense, fine-textured turf that requires little fertilizer and is enhanced with endophytes for “built-in” insect resistance.

Our Pure Fine Fescue is specifically blended for specialty applications including sloped golf course roughs and bunker faces. The varieties in this blend are adaptable to be mowed close or left uncut for a “Scottish Links” look.

fescue bluegrass blendPremium Bluegrass Fescue Blend       
A combination of select Bluegrass Cultivars and Creeping Red Fescue, Greenhorizons Fescue Bluegrass Blend is a premium turfgrass sod. Preferred by many customers due to its aesthetic qualities and lower watering requirements, it adapts well to varied installation locations and can be used on all surfaces.



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