The Beginning

Greenhorizons' vision for a better world dates back over 200 years ago when the Schiedel family's ancestors trekked by horse and buggy from Pennsylvania USA, to a new opportunity to flourish on rich Canadian soil. In those days the new settlers purchased large tracts of land along the Speed and Grand Rivers in and around what is now Kitchener, Ontario. 

Fast-forward to the turn of the century where the family's pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit continues into a successful dairy and grain farming business. Small changes to the farm continued to evolve over the years, until the late 70's when it transitioned into a sod farm. In 1975, Richard and his two sons Ronald and Steven formed the flagship company: The Greenhorizons Group of Farms Ltd®. They grow and harvest grass on over 4,000 acres having farms in Cambridge (Compact Sod) and Mount Hope (Hamilton Sod). They also own and operate an outlet in Oakville (Ontario Sod). From that time other outlets were added throughout Southern Ontario. Then bringing the sod business to an even higher level, a 400 acre "specialty" sod farm was added to the business.

Where We are Today

Today, Greenhorizons Sod Farms™ is a producer and marketer of sustainable, environmentally beneficial products and services blending world-leading technologies with century-old techniques. Greenhorizons continues its vision for a sustainable green world. Greenhorizons brands range from; LEED accredited turf grass blends, to IPM produced specialty turf grass for the golf industry and cutting edge natural sports turf pitch systems and designs to outperform synthetic artificial fields.

In addition to the Sod Farms, another green space area that Greenhorizons own and operate is  Willow Valley Golf Course, an architecturally designed course located in Hamilton, Ontario.

BigYellowBag® is an anchor brand of Greenhorizons who delivers 100's of years of soil management experience in a convenient 1 cubic yard package to the general public. Licensing this vast experience, agronomic technology and retail, business model to partners across North America and the world is how Greenhorizons is making this a greener healthier world to live in, truly making them the original green company.

Our Mission

is to exceed the needs of our clients today; while sustaining and enhancing our environment for the future.

Greenhorizons' Brands...

  • Natural Sports field System Consultation
  • ProXstablishment - Natural Sports eld Establishment & Maintenance Programs
  • Sports field Renovation
  • Golf Course Services
  • GHG Specialty Sod Varieties
  • BigYellowBag®
  • Willow Valley Golf Course







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