BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundle

31 Aug 2016

BigYellowBag and Greenhorizons make overseeding so easy!"

Fall is the perfect time for overseeding your lawn to either repair summer damage, or just replenish with nutrients. Late August and early September typically bring with them increased amounts of precipitation and cooler nights that make ideal conditions for grass seed germination and establishment. We have laid out the exact steps to take when performing Fall overseeding in an article here. At BigYellowBag we are all about convenience and quality. With this in mind, we thought we'd try to make getting your overseeding supplies as easy and as cost effective as possible, while still maintaining the premium quality of products that BigYellowBag is known for. The solution? Our Overseeding Bundle.


BigYellowBag's Overseeding Bundle comes with all the materials you need to successfully repair and replenish your lawn:

1. BigYellowBag's Professional Top Dress Mix is a high quality mixture of peat and specialty sand blended together at the perfect ratio to provide excellent growth to existing turf and lawns. Originally developed for architects, golf courses and landscapers, our high quality Top Dressing Mix is now available to homeowners.


2. 10-25-10 Starter Fertilizer promotes strong and quick root growth on new grass and existing lawns. Great to use while overseeding your lawn or establishing new sod.

3. BigYellowBag's Coated Seed Mix. Our Selected blends of grass cultivars will give you professional results: thick green grass. Seed Coating provides natural wicking action to the seed for improved germination in low moisture conditions. Our Lawn ;seed is a selected blend of kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass mixed to suit our local Southern Ontario climate and a variety of turf requirements. Within 18 months, your grass can be thick and dark blue/green in colour -- just like sod!

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Regularly priced, this bundle would have cost $218.67 but if you order a BigYellowBag Overseeding Bundle before September 30th, 2016 you can Save $35! That's one BigYellowBag of Professional Top Dress Mix, 4 kg of 10-25-10 Starter Fertilizer, and 2 kg of Coated Lawn Seed, delivered all together for the low price of $183.67! Our bundle has an approximate coverage of 1500 sq. ft. (Only within Greenhorizons delivery zones. Contact your local Greenhorizons location for more details)

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