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Spring Weather in Southern Ontario

06 Feb 2018

Everyone's heard the old joke by now: what do you do if you don't like the weather in southern Ontario in spring? Wait ten. Continue reading

Donations for Calvin Christian School

29 Jan 2018

How Greenhorizons Sod Farms has been able to donate to Calvin Christian School Continue reading

Fraize Mowing 101

23 Nov 2017

Since inception in 1975, Greenhorizons has been seeking the most effective methods for installing, rejuvenating, and maintaining high. Continue reading

Getting Ready For Winter with BigYellowBag…

12 Sep 2017

Fall is filled with beautiful colours and bountiful harvests. It's also the best time to work in the yard with cooler weather,. Continue reading

Greenhorizons Sod Farms - ProXstablishment

06 Sep 2017

ProXstablishment is an additional service Greenhorizons Sod Farms offers to guarantee the complete establishment of sod after the. Continue reading

BigYellowBag's Overseeding Bundle

23 Aug 2017

Fall is the ideal time to overseed your lawn. Cooler temperatures and increased amounts of rain help out with germination. Continue reading


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