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In early June, Greenhorizons – Hamilton was involved in the Barton BIA street festival. We were able to donate the sod for their Green Street Challenge, a program established by Come Alive Outside. The BEST part was that our sod was later donated to Habitat for Humanity. In the end, 3 families were able to benefit from Greenhorizons Farm Fresh Sod! Continue reading
Here at Greenhorizons Sod Farms, we're all about education. Whether we're educating our customers about how to properly install sod and plant veggies, or we're educating the next generation about machines and how they work, we simply love to pass on knowledge. Recently, our Hamilton location had the pleasure of welcoming the grade 4 class from Calvin Christian School to our farm to learn about gears and pulleys for their science class. Continue reading
There are a lot of plants that are what I like to call 'late summer producers'. What I mean by this is that if you were to plant some vegetables now, you'll still have produce to harvest along with the rest of the world later on in the growing season! Continue reading
​Greenhorizons Sod Farms has been at the leading edge of turfgrass technology, logistics, and marketing since 1975. We are constantly trying new ways to improve what we do, but no matter what challenge lies ahead, the heart of Greenhorizons keeps everything running smoothly: our operations management team. Continue reading
Since inception in 1975, Greenhorizons has been seeking the most effective methods for installing, rejuvenating, and maintaining high performance turf. Thanks to some European ingenuity in the mid 90's, we were able to incorporate an incredibly valuable tool into our arsenal of turf care equipment: the fraise mower. Continue reading


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